practical and industrial training

practical and industrial training

This is the new trend in training. You will be exposed to practical instruction/internship for particular workplace roles like Accountant, Internal Auditor, Audit Assistant and finance manager. There are several programmes from short 3-day courses to 1/2/3 month courses .The training is down in an office like environment fully equipped with the computer labs and free use of internet .

The programmes are flexible and suitable for:

  • Persons who are already employed who require proficiency
  • Persons who have completed CPA /CS Part 2 or completed ACCA UP TO Paper F8 but have no experience
  • Holders of a diploma or Bachelors degree in Commerce, Business Management, IT ,Economics, Procurement or related faculty

Corporate Training

This covers training tailored to meet the specific manpower requirements of companies, NGOs and Governmental units such as ministries and Counties