French is the   second widely spoken and official language in Africa; it opens a wide range of opportunities to those who master it. We encourage every person taking a professional course or enrolled in a degree program to learn French because that extra- language will give him/ her the power to compete and win in the job market.

Our courses are prepared in accordance with the rules established by Common European Framework of reference for languages(CERFL) to ensure that our students receive internationally recognize level of learning and be prepared for internationally recognized certificates and diplomas.

Beginner level 13 MonthsDELF AL or A2
Beginners Level 23 MonthsDELF  BL or B2
Intermediate3 MonthsDELF C or C2


Our English department offers English as a second language to people from Non-English speaking nations. And also provides training and preparations for  Kenyan who wish to attain internationally recognized certificates in English. We  have also specialized  training in Presentations( personal and business) and train in proposal and report writing.

Basic3 Months
Elementary3 Months
Intermediate3 Months
Presenter ( Personal and Business)? Months
 Proposal and report writing? Months