Certificate in Software Development

Certificate in Software Development

Certificate in Software Development Training is a foundation that equips the student with both practical and theory basic skills in programming that are required in professional Software Developer. Upon the completion of the Certificate the students MUST join the Diploma Programme in Software Development. At Certificate Level the graduate is able to develop simple Applications/Systems/ Software.

Duration: 3 Months

  • Introduction to Computer
  • Introduction to Google Docs
  • Introduction to Java Language
  • Introduction to Visual Basic
  • Introduction to C++


  • January, March, May, July,
  • September, November


  • Morning, Afternoon,
  • Evening and Weekends

Admission Requirement   

  1. Mean Grade D PLAIN in KCSE.
  2. Graduate with Certificate/ Diploma/ Higher Diploma/ Degree in computer Science/Information Technology.
  3. Any person with a passion to learn Software Development as a career.