ACCA –The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is the globally recognized body for accountants. Persons holding the ACCA professional qualification work or practice as Accountants, Auditors and Finance Managers. The course is divided into two levels- Fundamentals and Professional. Cornerstone Training Institute is a Gold status ACCA accredited training institution and prides in its large number of successful graduates making notable contribution in private and public service as accountants and finance professionals

Fundamentals Level (nine papers in total)

This is divided into the 3 knowledge and 6 skills modules

Knowledge module

This consists of three papers and is designed to test understanding of the basic principles of accounting, the role of financial information and  the key managerial issues.

F1-Accountant in Business (AB)

F2-Management Accounting (MA)

F3-Financial Accounting (FA)

Skills Module

This consists of six papers and covers all the core technical skills which finance professionals should possess, regardless of where they work. It also develops students understanding of the legal framework in which businesses operate and reinforces students’ financial skills.They are:

F4 -Corporate and Business Law (CL)

F5-Performance Management (PM)

F6-Taxation (TX)

F7-Financial Reporting (FR)

F8-Audit and Assurance (AA)

F9-Financial Management.(FM)


These concentrate on the key aspects of the accountant’s role in the strategic management of business. The focus is on testing a students’ to evaluate information within a professional ethical framework.

P1-Governance Risk and Ethics (GRE)

P2-Corporate Reporting (CR)

P3-Business Analysis (BA)

Options (two to be completed)

P4-Advanced Financial Management. (AFM)

  1. P5- Advanced Performance Management (APM)

P6-Advanced Taxation (ATX)

P7- Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)